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 Dye Testing must be completed when selling.  Please see Ordinance 1-2018 on the website

        Contact Tim Neil for the Dye Test at 724-880-0914  

        Checks should be made payable to:  Carmichaels Borough in the amount of $250.00

 Zoning/Occupancy – Please see the Zoning Ordinance on the Borough's website: under the "Information' tab on the far right.


 Please note if there will be a change of use for the building/ structure, i.e.:

  1.  was single family use and will become apartments or a business

  2.  was vacant for a year or more

  3.   If there are any changes and you are unsure, please call the Borough Office

A Zoning Application must be completed and submitted to the Zoning Officer at the Borough Office.  Requirement for a Building Permit under the Uniform Construction Code will be determined by the Borough Engineer


All utilities must be active before occupancy:


Carmichaels-Cumberland Joint Sewer Authority (C.C.J.S.A) --- 724-966-2800

P.O.Box 304, Carmichaels, Pa 15320


Southwestern Pennsylvania Water Authority  --- 724-883-2301
PO Box 187
Jefferson, PA 15344



Per Section 108 of the International Property Maintenance Code (Requirements for Habitation) the structure must have a functioning heat source.


Per Section 308 of the International Property Maintenance Code (Garbage Collection)

weekly garbage collection is required


Request Municipal Lien Letter – application on the website


Request Tax Certification Letter – contact Greene County Tax Claim Office – 724-852-5232

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